Spend Your Shabbat with Elegantly Designed Kiddush Wine Fountain

It is believed by the Jewish that creation of Universe took six long days for God to complete and the seventh day was a day of rest for him. Following the same trend, all the Jewish people work for six days and celebrate the seventh day in a grand manner. Friday is considered as the seventh day and there is an arrangement for a ritual known as Shabbat

The ritual of Shabbat is remembered for a long period of time as it is a grand celebration. All the family members and friends are involved in this ritual of Shabbat. Arrangement of food and drinks are also made in each and every Jewish family. For this ritual it is possible for all the family members and friends to come together and spend a quality time with each other at least once a week.

Recitation of Kiddush

The recitation of Kiddush is performed during Shabbat. The meals and drinks are sanctified during this ritual by the process of recitation of Kiddush. The Kiddush is generally recited by the head of the family. It is recited over a Kiddush wine fountain with full of beverage. The beverage can either be wine or grapes. After the recitation of Kiddush is completed it is passed over to the next person who had participated in the event. Thus this process gives everyone a chance to have a sip of the beverage either directly from the main Kiddush wine fountain or by taking a little bit of wine to their own respective Kiddush wine fountain cups. This ritual of Shabbat is mainly celebrated in the name of God.

Every member of the family has their own cup. Generally the cup or goblet is made up of silver. Just to maintain the elegancy, cup made of silver is used. There is not any mandatory rule for the use of silver cub or goblet. It can be of any metal.

Due to the elegancy of silver cups the decor of the meal table is lit up and gives a splendid looks to it. This event of Kiddush during Shabbat is respected by the Jewish from ancient times. For this respect the Kiddush wine fountains are elegantly designed. Special attentions are given while manufacturing of these Kiddush cups.

Availability of Kiddush Wine Fountain in Online stores

Various designs and types of Kiddush Wine Fountain are available in online stores. The designs of them are so attractive that they add extra charm to the meal table. The utensils of the table are also very charming as Shabbat is a special event. Expert Silversmiths are involved in manufacturing of Kiddush Wine Fountain. The designs of these cups are such that it glorifies the entire event.

There are some online stores that give an offering of huge discounts on these Kiddush wine cups. You get a facility of door step delivery with cash on delivery options. During certain occasion there are huge price drop on these product also. So it order to grab the huge sale, keep a close watch on these online stores.

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