6 hacks you can DIY at your wedding

DIY at your wedding

Are you amongst those who want to give a DIY touch to their wedding? Well, then congratulations you are the very right place. Yes! DIY saves your money but, it also gives a vibrant and fun look to your wedding. Many of you must be looking up to go for DIY ideas just because it gives a personal and warm touch to your wedding. This article will help you to know some DIY ways for your wedding.

1.Bridal party gift

This is one of the best and pocket -friendly way to show love to your friends and family. You can gift homemade scented candles or a personalized chocolate pack with the names of you and your partner. Nowadays, bakeries are open to such customization. These are some amazing ideas that you can try.

2.Invitation cards

We all have to agree with this one that a well-designed invitation card leads to a good expense. Hiring a professional and the whole designing process takes a lot of time as well as money. All these extra expenses can be covered easily by just one designing tool Canva. This designing tool allows you to create some awesome invitations by yourself and that too for free within minutes. Various template options make it even easier for you

3.Flower Girl/Ring Bearer Accessories

Don’t forget the youngest members of the party. These members play a giant role in making your wedding a perfect one. These little chipmunks bring smiles to your guests. So, plan something special for them too. Don’t put too much pressure on them to look cute as this might leave them irritated. As a result, they can end up crying at the very moment. You can simply dress your little guy or girls as ring security for carrying small safe made in the shape of the lunch box. Doing so can make them feel more willing to participate actively.

4.Wedding Guest Favors

Coffee mugs, photo frames, bookmarks are some good ideas for your guest favors. You can get overwhelmed with so many favor suggestion and end up getting confused. The best way to decide what gifts to give is by looking to the age of your majority guests and their preferences. Gifting bottle of champagne is also a highly recommended option to keep the party going. Streamline your guest favors by keeping them simple. Gifting something that is bulky or huge also often turns off the guest as they find it difficult to carry back home.


Sitting with a notebook and a pen is a long gone thing. Some completely different yet funky way to do so is signing globe, a family tree. This will help you to remember the guests after your wedding party is over. Taking polaroid snaps of your guests or signing Jenga pieces are some more ideas that you can implement. Doing so helps the guest to feel more included in your wedding ceremony.


Chalkboard signs are in trend right now so that is something you can do. Some other great ways to decorate your wedding venue is by adding a few small elements like picture frames, balloons, and colorful paper flower hangings or kites. I would personally recommend you to play with more colorful items. Bright color decor also helps to capture even more beautiful photographs. Don’t go for stereotype ideas like flower and vases. If your wedding gathering includes only close ones that you can decorate guest tables with a mason jar or vintage lamps.

I hope all the points helped you to come across some amazing DIY ideas that you can try on your wedding. In case of any query feel free to contact us through the comment section below. Thank you!

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